Take your time… because we take time to cook fresh and „à la minute“  for you. We use fresh and where possible local ingredients and prepare your meal after you have ordered. Depending on how busy it is, this may take a few moments. Enjoy a glass of local wine and your meal - Bon Appétit!

You have something to celebrate? We organise your party for up to 70 guests to your liking!

Opening hours

Wednesday to Friday:    opened from 11.30am to 2.00pm and from 6.00pm to 10.00pm, (kitchen opened to 9.00pm)

Saturday:   opened from 6:00pm to 10.00pm, (kitchen opened to 9.00pm)

Sunday:    opened from 11.30am non-stop, (kitchen opened 11.30am to 2.00pm and 6.00pm to 9.00pm)

Monday and Tuesday:    closed


Haus& Hof.mains

Soup of the day

Caprese (v) Tomato, Buffalomozzarella, Basil 

BeetRoot Carpaccio (v) with Feta cheese, pine nuts, Rucola

Salad „Goat’s cheese“ Leaf salad with fried goat’s cheese wrapped in bacon, sprinkled with honey

Salad Niçoise Leaf salad, Tomato, Peppers, onions, olives, egg, potatoes, tuna

Spaghetti Haus & Hof (v) Cherry tomato, green olives, garlic, sage, lemon, olive oil

Parmigiana Siziliana (v) Fried eggplant with mozzarella, basil and tomato sugo, baked in the oven with parmesan cheese

„Scampi Provençal“ Tiger prawns with cubed tomato, herbs, garlic and rice

Fisch „du jour“ Fish of the day with or without a light Riesling sauce and rice, seasonal vegetables or salad

Currychicken Haus & Hof Chicken breast pieces, spicy with pineapple, banana, raisins, madras curry and rice & salad 

Entrecôte, Grilled Vegetables, home made French fries, salad     

Bistecca al Limone Thin veal steak with a fresh lemon sauce, spaghetti aglio&olio, salad

Haus & Hof.sweet

Crème Brulée

Vanilla ice cream with pumkinseed oil 

Affogato Vanilla ice cream with Espresso and Amarulla

Chocolate soufflé

Lemon sorbet with Wodka